Matt Ritter

I’m an engineering graduate from Olin College, and I specialize in the application of data to decision making.

I believe that data-driven decisions will make the world a better place.  I’m particularly interested in building sustainable, scalable ‘decision support systems’ that encompass data acquisition, analysis and presentation (for more details, see my Data Analytics experience).

I’ve worked on a number of projects, including:

  • MIT Vehicle Design Summit
    • Co-Managed 53 engineers to build 4 green cars over one summer.
    • Went from ‘4 people and a blackboard’ to product launch in front of MIT’s Dean of Undergraduate Research
    • Got extensive practice communicating to external stakeholders, including The Discovery Channel
  • Stever Robbins, Inc
    • Collected and analyzed data from hundreds of potential users
    • Learned to come up to speed with a fast-moving team while minimizing management overhead
    • Focused on qualitative and qualitative understanding of user needs
  • Flash Conferences
    • Co-invented a design methodology, focused on bringing interdisciplinary experts to bear on highly specific problems in the developing world.
    • Learned to turn vision into reality
  • Data Analytics
    • While building my last company, my longtime romance with data became love. So I decided to make it my focus.
    • Found the perfect freelance project at a funded Cambridge Startup, guiding strategic decisions using SQL queries, analysis, and visualization.
    • Independently studying machine learning with friends at MIT. I’m only at the beginning of my journey, and I intend to keep building my skills until we’ve fixed the world.

Highlight: I’ve done some exciting data visualization work. Click here for a fun example