Things that I’ve tried

As I’ve sent my medical provider posts around, one of my friends astutely pointed out that it’s hard to know what I’ve already tried. Since the posts are on theme by specialty, I thought it would be good to give that its own page, particularly since it will be updated as I implement people’s suggestions. Here’s what I’ve done, in roughly chronological order:

  1. About 3 visits to my PCP, two as part of general check-ups and one to get a referral
  2. 3 one-time visits to specialists
  3. A few visits to a nutritionist, though I’m willing to believe there are far better ones out there
  4. About 5 blood tests, pretty broad spectrum
  5. An endoscopy with biopsy
  6. An ultrasound
  7. A CT scan
  8. About 2 months of tracking everything that I eat, and symptoms, on two separate occasions
  9. Nearly 2 years of less rigorously varying my diet and trying to notice dramatic shifts in symptoms (on the theory that if I actually cut out whatever’s causing the problem, the difference should be obvious enough to subjectively notice)
  10. About 4 months of mindfulness meditation
  11. Various stabs at core-focused exercise, plus 1.5 hours of biking per workday during the summer
  12. A generally healthy diet, with an emphasis on low fat

I’m far better than I was before focusing on my diet, but it’s also pretty rare that I go through a whole day without symptoms. Sometimes I feel like that’s good enough (no doctor has suggested that this is symptomatic of a deeper or growing issue, and at least one has positively asserted that there’s none he could imagine). But whenever I think of a new angle of attack I dive into it, because it sure would be awesome to lick this for good!