RDPD Supplement: Income Numbers Estimated

All numbers are rounded and adjusted for computational simplicity, and presented on a per-year basis

US Minimum Wage (assuming 40hr/wk): $15,000 (source)

Average programmer’s wage: $80,000 (source)

Human Capital Premium: $65,000 (difference)

Implied Human Capital “Assets”, at 6% return: $1,000,000 (division)

Years required to save that level of Financial Capital, saving $1,000/mo at 6% return: 31 years (compounding returns calculator)

My point is that, for someone with an in-demand skill, wages are going to dominate dividends virtually until retirement. The root problem is that when they Put Their Dollars To Work, it’s in competition with a giant mass of other peoples’ identical dollars, while the market for their skills has a much more favorable supply/demand ratio.

The most likely escape is to find the overlap between human and financial capital, doing things like investing both time and money in their own skills-intensive firm.