Assorted Additional Resources

  • Patientslikeme: Organized around medical diagnoses, which makes a lot of sense, but can be a little difficult if the problem is lack of firm diagnosis
  • EverlyWell: I got so excited when I read what they do, but some background research (always do the background research!) turned up some very credible concerns. Stat News is especially reliable, so I’ll link to that, but there are others:
  • Considered the gold standard in aggregating and summarizing medical research. They’re pretty conservative, which is appropriate in a field that’s inclined towards hype, so it should be your first but not necessarily last stop if you’re trying to find relevant scientific articles
  • Another aggregation site. Make sure to actually look at the studies, because you might realize that there’s a twist which gets a little lost in the broad categories. For example, you might see “4 studies suggest that X reduces Y”, but upon inspection, 3 of the studies were on pregnant women and 1 was related to surgical complications. If that doesn’t describe you, downgrade your confidence appropriately
  • Doctor/Nurse On Call through your insurance: I’m not sure how prevalent this is, or how useful, but it’s often free (or 1/10th even a basic office visit), so worth looking into. They often don’t give you a definitive diagnosis, but can allay fears and/or suggest some low impact lifestyle changes that might help

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